How our customers use the platform

New Concepts

Generate new video concepts

Avoid Fatigue

Revive top performers with hook swapping


Translate top performer to other languages

3 weeks to 3 days

Improve speed to find winners

Strong ROI

Cut content creator budget, improve ROI.

Self-serve Platform

Improve operational efficiency

Poolday is the future
of content creation for UA is a self-serve platform for games to produce tens (or hundreds) of fully edited videos in a few minutes using super realistic Al actors & existing gameplay recordings.

The platform provides an A/B testing infrastructure for marketers to Increase ROl on UA and increase operational efficiency, by removing the need to talk to content creators, instantly getting videos in any language and more, all whilst giving the marketing/creative team 100% control over the script & style of the video.

These videos can be green screen style, floating heads, organic style or anything a real content creator would produce. Deployable on any channel of your choice